Spring Tips for Hayfever Season

Spring is in the air –  Embrace the promise of new beginnings. __________________________________________________________________

Spring is the season of the Wood element in Chinese Medicine…

read on to find out ways to stay healthy in Spring

It’s also hayfever season!!

* acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can provide effective relief, particularly if caught early on in the season or if your hayfever is known to be stubborn or severe

* Bi min gan wan, hayfever relief Herbal Patent Formula – works a treat

* Chrysanthemum and Honeysuckle Tea – cheap and delicious, this tea can help combat hayfever symptoms such as red and itchy sore eyes and sneezing. Just steep a little bit of each herb in hot water to taste and drink throughout the day. This is available on request from Renee.

Springtime …

Wood symbolises unihibited upward and outward movement and growth. It’s a time of great optimism, promise and excitment. It relates to the Liver and Gall Bladder organs and most poignantly in the last few weeks to wind.

The wind is making itself known already and for many people can be very unsettling. Wind is considered one of the major causes of diseases in Chinese Medicine (we often talk of “evil wind” ) as it upsets the flow of qi and blood in the body and disrupts the bodies protective or defensive mechanisms. That’s why it can make use feel downright annoyed, irritable and irrational, and we haven’t even got to hayfever yet.

How to survive the spring

Stay protected from the “evil” influences of the wind (as we’d say in Chinese Medicine)

* Try to stay out of the wind or at least keep your neck and shoulders covered with a scarf when it’s windy, even a light one if it’s warm. This protects some vulnerable meridians that lie on the neck and shoulders from “invading wind”.

* Don’t be fooled by this Melbourne weather, it’s not REALLY hot enough for that little summer dress and shorts just yet – well, maybe only for a moment.  Getting caught out in a cool breeze can upset your defensive qi and lead to being vulnerable to catching a cold or getting a stiff neck.

* Keep adding warm, cooked foods into your diet and resist cold and raw foods. In Chinese Medicine the digestion loves to be warm and too many cold and raw foods can damage the digestive organs, impacting on many areas of our health from energy, digestion, fertility and sleep.



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