Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine is a complex and refined way of using herbal products to promote health and overcome disease.

A typical herbal formula may be comprised of somewhere between 5 and 15 Chinese herbs, skilfully combined so as to create a well balanced, targeted formula to suit the patient.

Plant, mineral and some animal products are all considered herbal products, although the vast number of the 300 odd Chinese herbs used are plant material.

Pills, powders or raw herbs?

Herbal formulas may come in readymade patent pills, tailored granulated powders or raw herbs that you boil up at home into a herbal decoction.  Chinese herbs are not taken for their taste, but they are taken for their results.

Renee uses high quality granulated herbal powders that have been subjected to rigorous quality control tests and standards.

How long will I need to take herbs?

This will completely depend on your condition, the severity and duration of your symptoms.

Some prescriptions are used for only a short time, others are used for a longer time.

Like any medicine, if you are prescribed a Chinese herbal formula, then it is only for you to take at that exact time and not for Aunt Betty or Uncle Bob, or someone whom you think might have what you have.

Nor does it mean you could keep it in the cupboard and take it a year later. Formulas are prescribed accordingly to how you present in the clinic. If your condition changes or you get a cold, stop the herbs and contact your practitioner.